Bolatotal: Being established in 2012, Bolatotal has already been a household name for football fans in Indonesia. With their motto “Ahead of the game” Bolatotal aims to be the number one destination for football in Indonesia. Their products ranges from first class football articles, online shop, Bolatotal TV to tour and travel. Raja Capital invested in Bolatotal because of the extremely huge football market in Indonesia. Football is a religion over there. Follow them on

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Clique Bier
: This is arguably the first german beer which was made for the love of Hip Hop and Street Culture. This red beer has a supreme taste by mixing the best hop and malt from the bavarian region in Germany. Whether you love hip hop or you are a beer enthusiast this is the right beer for everyone. Raja Capital invested in Clique Bier because of their  unique approach to contribute to the culture. Follow them on

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Visiondary: Online shop for streetwear and urban art. Visiondary collaborates with emerging brands to turn their visions into legendary goods. All products in their shop are fruits of collaborations with brands. So they just dont buy and re sell the products. Visiondary is always involved in the product development stages. Furthermore Visiondary acts as a Product and Marketing Agency for Brands. Thats why we Raja Capital is so excited to be a part of this awesome project.

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